Year of the Niche

A beautiful sunset over the bridge to Sydney Uni.

After a self-imposed month-long hiatus from writing pretty much anything following an intense year of further university study, I am ready to dive back into writing on a regular basis.

I started this blog in order to pass several class assignments. It soon became my favourite component of the whole digital cultures experience – I could combine my newfound love of writing with a careful analysis of cultural trends and theoretical ideas.

I have decided that 2011 is going to be my ‘Year of the Niche’. I am going to search high and low for events and issues that spark my interest, engage in diverse work and play experiences and above all challenge myself to try new things every day.

Some of the websites I will continue to contribute to/visit for inspiration (if anyone other than myself is reading this and has read this far without falling asleep at the diary-like nature of this entry):

The blog for Filmink Magazine

Go Fug Yourself for excellent creative commentary on the bold, the beautiful, and the fugly.

Project Rungay, a site with some of the best, most detailed and interesting analyses of Mad Men, Glee and general fashion goodness.

Gabe from Videogum writes the funniest recaps of True Blood and Mad Men I have ever read. Seriously.

Lastly, here is a song from THE soundtrack to my walks to and from the train station when I was scared as hell going back to uni earlier this year, Gorilla Manor by Local Natives, who I will have the pleasure of seeing live in Sydney next year. And who through their sweet tunes made me feel hopeful when this often difficult year of transition brought me down.

Onwards and upwards!

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One Response to Year of the Niche

  1. Nat says:

    that was beautiful. i wish you all the happiness and magical experiences for 2011 that you deserve xo

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